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Framesi Decolor B No Dust Lightener

Lift up to 7 levels

Off-the-scalp powder bleach with a low ammonia conditioning formula for the utmost protection for the hair. Lightening power of 7 levels or more.

17.6 oz
 A great performance and top delicacy decoloration for more than 7 shades. DeColor B Special Plus is a bleaching powder based on high quality oxidizing agents ensuring a strong decoloring power and on silicon by-products protecting hair all through the decoloring process. Conditioning thickener. Mixes to a very thick consistency. Stays moist throughout application and processing. Violet agents assist in refining unwanted warmth while lifting.

Utmost protection for the hair
Lightening power of 7 levels or more
Stays moist without swelling
Pleasantly scented
Also suitable for over-treated hair
Coconut oil base, Cellulose Derivatives


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