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GK Hair Vent Brush

For all hair types

Global Keratin Curved Vent Brush was developed especially for Global Keratin Straightening System. The innovative curved design allows more heat to flow to the hair shaft, reducing drying time. The Global Keratin Vent Brush provides for easier styling and comfort for both the stylist and the client. The Global Keratin Hair Brush can be used with the Global Keratin Straightening Treatment.
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Vent brush

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       Key Benefits
  • Paddle hair brush
  • Curved design
  • Light Weight Design
  • Thermal fast drying vent
  • Cushion Rubber Handle
  • Reduces Blow-Drying Time 
  • Can be used with the Global Keratin Straightening Treatment
  • Pre-dry hair with a professional performance hairdryer until it’s 80 percent dry.
  • Brush hair from root to tip using swift strokes while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer.


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