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Betty Dain Alligator Bleach Proof Cape

Bleach, color and chemical proof cape

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Betty Dain Alligator Hide All Purpose Cape

Betty Dain's Alligator Cape will keep your clients free of bleach, chemicals and color!

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Betty Dain Bleachproof All Purpose Cape

Bleach, color, & chemical proof. Lightweight embossed nylon Snap closure.

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Betty Dain Bleachproof Fashion Tunic Black

Bleach, color and chemical proof Lightweight and waterproof polyester Hidden in-seam pockets Criss-cross back for comfort.

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Betty Dain Cape Styling Stache Black

Protect your client's clothing by using this lightweight barber styling cape. A must have for all your styling needs.

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Betty Dain Color Trak Vinyl Black 100 Pack Gloves

Powder-free, latex-free, odor-free black gloves

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Betty Dain Colortrak 100ct Dispensing Canister Wipe Off Hair Color Remover

Pre-moistened towelette, easily removes haircolor stains from skin.

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Betty Dain Colortrak 100ct Professional Haircoloring Foil Embossed

5” x 12” sheets Pre-cut, ready to use Embossed Non-slip, no tissues Color: Silver

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