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Framar 100ct Disposable Black Gloves

First Class coloring gloves with a rolled cuff that lengthens 3" on the wrist to provide ultimate protection.

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Framar 100ct Disposable Clear Gloves

Clear, vinyl gloves. 100ct box

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10pc glove 5183e577-adf8-4d91-898f-97608341d938

Framar 10ct Reusable Black Gloves

10ct reusable black gloves with extended cuffs to provide ultimate protection

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2 piece bowl set

Framar 2 Pack Bowls

Set of 2 bowls, black and clear

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Framar 200ct 8x11 Silver Foil

8"x11" 200ct foils

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Eyeglass protector

Framar 200ct Eyeglass Guards

200ct Eyeglass protectors

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Balayage brushes

Framar 2pc Balayage Brush Set

Two brushes for Balayage highlights and other free painting techniques

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Framar 3pc Brush Set

Three brushes with AccuSoft bristles.

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