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Kaaral Maraes COLOR NOURISHING Olium With Monoi de Tahiti

Hair is repaired from within, breakage and split ends are also prevented. Hair is left exceptionally nourished and shining.

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Kaaral Maraes COLOR NOURISHING Permanent Haircolor

A real reconstructive and regenerative treatment that protects hair by preventing the excessive loss of moisture.

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Kaaral Maraes COLOR NOURISHING Shampoo

Color vibrancy is protected from free radicals and the aggressions of the environment.

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Kaaral Maraes COLOR NOURISHING Shield with Monoi de Tahiti

A powerful shield that locks in the color preventing fading and loss of shine.

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Kaaral Maraes DEVELOPER 20 Volume with Monoi de Tahiti

A soft creamy developer with oils that add shine to damaged hair.

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Kaaral Pink Up AQUA GEL Power Gel Extra Strong

Excellent as a natural curl activator to create defined styles with a wet effect.

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Kaaral Pink Up CRYSTAL CARE Heat Protection Serum

This product forms a protective film around the hair sealing split ends.

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Kaaral Pink Up DREAMCURLS Curl Definer

Tames curls, eliminates the frizz , creates definition, and provides strength and elasticity while setting hair softly.

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Kaaral Pink Up FLEX GUM Flex Gum

A creamy and elastic styling cream

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