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Blonde kit

Malibu Blondes® Collection

This kit breathes new life into natural, bleached and highlighted tresses to reveal haute hues and shimmering shine

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Blonde conditioner

Malibu Blondes® Enhancing Conditioner

This 100% vegan conditioner created especially for natural, highlighted and bleached blondes provides intense moisture

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Blonde shampoo

Malibu Blondes® Enhancing Shampoo

This 100% vegan shampoo keeps natural and bleached blondes bright with deep moisturizing capabilities

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Blonde treatment

Malibu Blondes® Wellness Hair Remedy

This weekly wellness hair remedy dramatically intensifies color brilliance for natural, bleached and highlighted blondes

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Malibu CPR Color Pigment Remover

This treatment reduces permanent oxidative color pigment, metallic minerals, and removes unwanted pigment

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Color prepare

Malibu Color Prepare Wellness Hair Remedy

This wellness remedy primes hair for color ensuring optimal color coverage and vibrancy

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Color wellness conditioner

Malibu Color Wellness Conditioner

This 100% vegan super hydrating color protection and preservation conditioner that readily replenishes vital moisture

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Color kit

Malibu Color Wellness® Collection

This kit keeps your color treated hair refreshed and radiant between salon visits and preps hair for your next color service

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