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MYCOLOR Permanent Hair Color Goldens

99% pure pigments in this exciting new haircolor!

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MYCOLOR Permanent Hair Color Naturals

This color contains 99% pure pigment and will leave outstanding condition and intense color deposit

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Blow dry lotion

Retrohair Blow-Dry Lotion

This blow dry lotion is excellent for smoothing curly or frizzy hair, providing faster drying and styling times

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Color reconstuctor

Retrohair Color Caress Reconstructor

This treatment provides intense conditioning for damaged and stressed hair, leaving hair shiny and nourished

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Color shampoo

Retrohair Color Caress Shampoo

This sulfate-free color care shampoo developes a rich luxurious lather that cleanses hair, producing incredible shine

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Daily conditioner

Retrohair Daily Conditioner

This weightless rinse restores moisture loss without adding weight, rinsing clean with no left over residue

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Daily shampoo-2

Retrohair Daily Shampoo

This gentle cleanser can be used daily for all hair types to promote moisture, shine, and manageability

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Dry clean

Retrohair Dry Clean Dry Shampoo

This aerosol dry shampoo treatment rejuvenates hair between washes, leaving no white powdery residue on any hair color

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