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Scarlet berry

Satin Smooth Scarlet Berry Wax With Acai

Use Satin Smooth® Scarlet Berry Wax with Acai for hair removal on the face and body, and get smooth, silky results.

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Satin Smooth Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer

This state-of-the-art Professional Wax Warmer offers 12 temperature settings. Accepts most brand of 14-16oz wax.

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De sswa04

Satin Smooth Small Applicators 500 CT

Provide flawless application of wax on small areas with Small Wooden Applicators from Satin Smooth®.

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De sswa02

Satin Smooth Small Muslin Epilating Strips

Use Satin Smooth's Small Muslin Epilating Strips on hair that is short and coarse. Package of 100 strips.

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De sswa07

Satin Smooth Small Non-Woven Cloth Waxing Strips

Achieve flawless removal of wax on small body areas with Satin Smooth® Small Non-Woven Cloth Waxing Strips.

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Soy wax

Satin Smooth Soy Wax

Maximize hair removal and protect skin with Satin Smooth® Soy Wax. Formulated for sensitive skin and fine to coarse hair.

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Satin Smooth Stay Calm Serum

Satin Smooth® Stay Calm Serum is ideal for sensitive skin, and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Satin Smooth Strips Non Woven Contour Facial 100 Pack

Helps create a perfect brow arch and is ergonomically designed to fit any brow shape.

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Satin Smooth Student Wax Kit

Give student estheticians the tools they need to succeed with Satin Smooth’s Student Wax Kit.

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