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Gold hard wax tea tree

Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax With Tea Tree Oil

Calm and soothe skin with Satin Smooth® Calendula Gold® HARD WAX with Tea Tree Oil. Ideal for bikini waxing.

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Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax With Tea Tree Oil

Enjoy the perfect pour with Satin Smooth® Calendula Gold Pebble Wax with Tea Tree Oil. Easily pours into your warmer.

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Satin Smooth Chocolate Contouring Lotion 16 oz

Hydrating and lubricating lotion that facilitates the movement of SmoothSculpt® cupping attachments.

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Satin Smooth Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard Wax

Offer your clients a comfortable brazilian bikini waxing experience with Satin Smooth® Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard Wax.

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Satin Smooth Citrus Mojito Thin Film Pebble Wax

Get the same fabulous results as the traditional thin film wax formula, in perfectly pourable pebbles.

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Satin Smooth Contour Eyebrow Applicators

Create that perfect eyebrow shape with Satin Smooth® Contour Eyebrow Applicators. Package of 200 contour applicators.

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Satin Smooth Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1.7 oz

Satin Smooth® Daily Moisturizer, helps decrease the risk of skin cancer and early signs of aging caused by the sun.

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Satin Smooth Day/Night Daily Moisturizer

This multipurpose moisturizer gives you the flexibility for a 24-hour routine. Provides all-day-and-night moisturizing repair.

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Cream wax

Satin Smooth Deluxe Cream Wax

Ensure a comfortable waxing experience with Satin Smooth® Deluxe Cream Wax. Formulated especially for dehydrated skin.

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