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Xfus conditioner 1639x1639

XFusion Conditioner

This moisturizing conditioner nourishes fine, thin, or thinning hair for all-over healthy hair

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Xfusion fiberhold spray full size 4oz

XFusion FiberHold

Strengthens the bond between XFusion Keratin Fibers and your hair for longer-lasting results in all conditions

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Xfus fattener 1639x1639

XFusion Hair Fattener

This hair styling serum made of keratin protein and nutrients coats the hair shaft to make thin hair look thicker and fuller

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Xfus optimizer 1639x16391

XFusion Hairline Optimizer 2 Pack

Features an irregular-shaped design that allows you to create the most natural-looking front hairline with Keratin Fibers

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Xfus shampoo 1639x1639

XFusion Shampoo

The best thickening shampoo because it has a lightweight formula

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Xfus sprayapplicator2 1639x1639

XFusion Spray Applicator

Patented tool that allows you to target specific areas of fine or thinning hair with XFusion Keratin Fibers

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Xfusion Hair Fibers Gray

Made of colored keratin protein, blends with existing hair strands for thicker, fuller hair

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Light blonde

Xfusion Keratin Fibers Blonde

Made of colored ketatin protein, blends with existing hair to create thicker, fuller looking hair

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