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Hair comb tail 1

Moroccanoil Tail Comb

Tail Comb: Great for teasing hair to new heights

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Hair boarbrush teasing 1

Moroccanoil Teasing Boar Bristle Brush

Create voluminous, full-bodied styles with the Moroccanoil® Boar Bristle Teasing Brush

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Hair ceramicbrush 45 1

Moroccanoil Thermal Round Brush 1 3/4”

High-quality ceramic styling tool, optimized for use on medium to long hair to create a bend and give fullness

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Hair ceramicbrush 35 1

Moroccanoil Thermal Round Brush 1 3/8”

This round brush contains ionic properties enhances drying time and leaves hair shiny.

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Hair ceramicbrush 25 1

Moroccanoil Thermal Round Brush 1”

Ionic properties that allow for even heat distribution, enhancing drying time and leaving hair shiny

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Hair ceramicbrush 55 1

Moroccanoil Thermal Round Brush 2 1/8”

high-quality ceramic styling tool, optimized for medium-length hair

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Product Club Carbon Rat Tail Comb

Straight Rat Tail is perfect for weaving and sectioning. Sectioning is made simple with this comb.

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Product Club Pin Tail Carbon Comb

Metal Pin Tail is ideal for weaving and sectioning. Heat-Resistant.

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Unwash comb

Unwash Comb

Completely removes tangles before styling

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