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Leave in spray

GK Hair Leave-In Spray

This leave-in spray delivers light moisture while strengthening each strand for protection

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Light hold hairspray

GK Hair Light Hold Hairspray

This light hold hairspray adds manageable hold and instant shine, while taming frizz and flyaways

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GK Hair Serum

This serum creates a protective shield over each strand leaving a soft smooth finish while smoothing out flyaways

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Shaping wax

GK Hair Shaping Wax

This shaping wax effortlessly adds texture to the hair creating a pliable hold while leaving hair soft yet structured

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Strong hold hairspray

GK Hair Strong Hold Hairspray

This strong hold hairspray adds body, strength and an instant shine, while taming frizz and flyaways

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Vent brush

GK Hair Vent Brush

Its curved design allows more heat to flow to the hair shaft, reducing drying time

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GK ThermalStyleHer Thermal Styling Cream

This heat activated styling cream creates a smooth finish while conditioning and delivering moisture to the hair

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GK VolumizeHer Volumizing Spray

This volumizing spray creates weightless volume while protecting hair from heat and styling tools

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Hair gel

Gk Hair Hair Gel

This hair gel sculpts hair to add texture and shine while providing firm-hold styling control

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