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Style fixer

Kaaral Style Perfetto Fixer Strong Hold Protective Finishing Spray

With this strong hold, long lasting aerosol spray define and finish your style confidently

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Kaaral Style Perfetto Hydrogloss Texturizing Liquid Gel

This texturizing liquid gel adds body, volume, flexibility and texture to hair while giving it extra hold

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Style insta curls

Kaaral Style Perfetto Insta-Curls Curly/Weavy Hair Cream

This humidity resistant formula is 100% alcohol-free and helps encourage natural curls by giving them that extra twist

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Style mindgel

Kaaral Style Perfetto Mindgel Shape Memory Gel

This gel is ideal for all hair types for sculpting, shaping & holding hair, resulting in a perfect shining strong hold

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Style molding

Kaaral Style Perfetto Molding Matte Paste

This molding paste allows you to re-active your style by reshaping your hair with your fingers for texture and definition

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Style primer

Kaaral Style Perfetto Primer Natural Hold Control

This primer has a unique light control, It applies smoothly and enhances fullness and movement for all hair types

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Style spikey

Kaaral Style Perfetto Spikey Extra Strong Creative Glue

This spiking gel provides super spiky styles with a long lasting, firm hold and protects from color fade and sun damage

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Style unfinished

Kaaral Style Perfetto Unfinished Texturizing Fiber Cream

This texturizing fiber cream provides medium control with a shiny finish, leaving hair soft and manageable

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Style voolook

Kaaral Style Perfetto Volook Medium Hold Volumizing Mousse

This flexible long lasting mousse creates volume and texture, leaving hair looking natural with an all-day long hold

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