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Framesi BY Pearl Mist Hair Spray Light

An ultra-fine, fast drying working hair spray with pearl protein. Will not build up and lets your color shine through.

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Framesi BY Pearl Slush Gloss

A shine enhancing serum that smooths split ends and frizz and lets color shine through. Tames fly-aways.

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Framesi BY Pearl Sparkling Mousse Light

A protective, moisture-rich foam that adds body, lift and control even to the most lifeless hair while letting your color shine.

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Framesi BY Pearl WIO Strait Blam

A straightening balm with a unique formulation. Blocks humidity and smooths even the most rebellious hair types.

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Framesi BY Shiner

A super-fine, shine enhancing spray with pearl protein. Lightweight formula intensifies shine and lets your color shine through.

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Framesi BY So Stiff Hair Spray

Super fast-drying, extreme hold hairspray that allows hair to defy gravity and hold your style all day.

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Framesi Color Lover Primer 11

Framesi PRIMER 11 is your hair's hero…11 benefits in the ultimate color boost spray while keeping your color 95% longer.

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Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 Intense

FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11 INTENSE for dry, curly, damaged or unruly hair.

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Framesi Color Lover Volume Boost 2 Phase Conditioner Spray

Ultra-light, volumizing leave-in spray conditioner. Quinoa, vitamins & emollients detangle, eliminate static & aid styling.

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