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Soak off wraps

Graham HandsDown® Soak Off Gel (Finger/Toe) Wraps

These wraps are flexible enough to be used on both finger and toe nails, easy-press seal creates a non-slip wrap

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Birchwood 144pk

Graham Professional HandsDown Birchwood Cuticle Sticks 7”, 144 Pack

These birchwood sticks are multi-functional, pushes cuticles, and cleans nails

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Nail wipes 2x2

Graham Professional HandsDown Lint-Free Nail Wipes 200 Pack

These nail wipes are great for removing polish, preparing the nails before polish is applied, cleaning brushes and tools

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Ultra pads 240

Graham Professional HandsDown Ultra Nail and Cosmetic Pads 240 Pack

Just one pad removes polish from all ten nails while preventing the nail techs fingers from coming in contact with the remover

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Handsdown ultra towel plastic back

Graham Professional HandsDown Ultra Towels 50 Pack

A soft absorbent material with a plastic backing on one side

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